International Superblock Meeting, Vienna 2024

Urban Actors & Actions: Transition in Practice

The research project “TuneOurBlock” has been exploring the potential and challenges of the Superblocks concept for nearly three years. After two successful conferences in Barcelona and Berlin, the project consortium hosted an event in Vienna on April 29-30, 2024, to ensure the project’s lasting contribution to urban sustainability transformations.

While the program for the International Superblock Meeting (ISM) in Vienna included results and insights from the TuneOurBlock project, it focussed on the work of urban changemakers across Europe. The event brought urban actors from the public, private, and civic sectors together to learn from each other and strengthen support networks.

Program and Documentation

Monday, 29 April

ISM Updates

For the morning session, we asked participants to prepare a brief introduction presentation of no more than five minutes answering two questions:

  1. What is the current project that keeps you busy? Where do you feel that your city has made significant progress? What are the key learnings you want to share from this project?
  2. What are the questions you have for other participants in the International Superblock Meeting in Vienna? What specifically do you want to discuss? What do you want to learn more about?

View selected presentations from this session:

City of Amsterdam

Chiel van de Camp –
Car network policy advisor & paring space manager, City of Amsterdam

Model Projects in Berlin

Merlin Pitz –
Department of Mobility, Transportation, Climate Protection and the Environment, State Government of Berlin

Edinburgh/Scotland Update

Laetitia Butler –
Development Coordinator, Places for Everyone, Sustrans Scotland

Updates on Ghent

Wim Schuddinck –
Mobility Company, City of Ghent

Visit to Urban Renewal Offices (GB*)

Location: Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung (GB*) @ Quellenstraße 149, 1100 Wien

I the late morning participants visited one of Vienna’s Urban Renewal Offices (Gebietsbetreuungen Stadterneuerung, GB*) located adjacent to Vienna’s Superblock pilot project site. GB* has been involved as partner in the Superblock Favoriten pilot project.

The Urban Renewal Offices (Gebietsbetreuungen Stadterneuerung, GB*) match persons or entities in a specific district who want to put unused space at the disposal of others with those who need it. The focus is on the involvement of local residents in the improvement of the quality of life in a district.

(Source and more info at:

Supergrätzl Favoriten, Vienna’s first Superblock project

Meeting point for the start of all tours: Monday 29 April, 14:00 @ Herzgasse 23-27, 1100 Wien.

Tour 1: A pilot project for Vienna – From strategy to built implementation.
Guided by: Felizitas Dörfel (Department of Architecture and Urban Design, City of Vienna), Valentin Gebhardt (Department of Urban Development and Planning, City of Vienna)

Tour 2: Adaptive urbanism for rapid change – Measures of the pilot phase
Guided by: Georg Wieser (studio LAUT) & Daniel Huppmann (Supergrätzl resident)

Tour 3: Participation and civic engagement in Vienna’s first Superblock
Guided by: Florian Lorenz (studio LAUT), Carla Schwaderer (TU Vienna / studio LAUT), Hans Emrich (Agenda Favoriten & Emrich Consulting)

“From vision to action: How Superblocks and similar concepts transform cities across Europe”

Location: Austrian Ministry of Climate Protection (BMK), Festsaal @ Radetzkystraße 2, 1030 Wien

This plenary session hosted in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) featured talks, an expert panel discussion, and an audience Q&A session. Speakers addressed the need for urban transformation, the incredible potential of Cities of Superblocks, and the challenges of implementing large-scale urban change. Most importantly, they shared experiences of transformation in action and advice on how challenges can be overcome.


Florian Lorenz – TuneOurBlock consortium & LAUT – landscape architecture and urban transformation

View selected presentations from this session:

From ambition and policy to real urban change – The role of urban experimentation

José Besselink –
Senior Urban Planner, City of Rotterdam

Mobility is a powerful tool for city transformation

Wim Schuddick –
Mobility Company, City of Ghent

The Kiezblocks Campaign

Valentina Haas & Immo Janssen –
Changing Cities. Berlin, Germany

Watch the recorded Plenary Session on YouTube:

Tuesday, 30 April

“People of Superblocks”

Location: Vienna University of Technology, PRECHTLSAAL @ Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien

This session brought together experts from the TuneOurBlock Peer Group, municipal staff, academic researchers, civil society representatives and urban practitioners. Participants met and discussed around an array of thematic tables for a total of four sessions.

While table hosts provided thematic structure for the session and shared their knowledge, the flow of information was multi-directional. The networking and exchange sessions were held as a discussion-oriented format, providing ample opportunity for all participants to contribute. The aim was to strengthen a growing network of urban actors and foster spontaneous collaboration.

Documentation available here soon!

Participating experts (amongst others):

20:00-individual end

Location: Badeschiff Wien @ Wolfgang-Schmitz-Promenade, 1010 Wien

The International Superblock Meeting 2024 is supported by:

Organisation Team of the International Superblock Meeting 2024 is comprised of members from the TuneOurBlock project consortium:

Valentin GEBHARDT (Department of Urban Development and Planning, City of Vienna), Joshua GRIGSBY (Smarter Than Car), Ulrich LETH (TU Wien), Florian LORENZ (LAUT – landscape architecture and urban transformation), Viktoria SANDOR (Austrian Institute of Technology – AIT), Francesco REMONATO (Smarter Than Car), Georg WIESER (LAUT – landscape architecture and urban transformation)

Facilitating and participating experts from the TuneOurBlock consortium:

Uta BAUER (German Institute of Urban Affairs DIFU), Sonja BETTGE (Research Institute for Sustainability – Helmholtz Center Potsdam), Valentina HAAS (Changing Cities e.V.), Immo JANSSEN (Changing Cities e.V.), Helmut LEMMERER (TU Wien), Nicolina KIRBY (Research Institute for Sustainability – Helmholtz Center Potsdam), Lisa RUHRORT (German Institute of Urban Affairs DIFU), Jernej TIRAN (Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)